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TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

is the name given to the multifaceted traditional treatment method which was originally developed in China more than 3000 years ago.  TCM theories are based on: balance - Yin and Yang, meridians - Jing Lou, energi - Qi, and internal organs, Zang.

Among the most common forms of therapy in TCM are: Tui Na treatment massage, acupunture, acupressure, moxibution, cupping, Chinese chiropractory, herbal medicine, and the holistic exercise form known as Qi Gong.

TCM works by returning the body to its natural and correct state of balance, thereby curing both acute and chronic illnesses.  Four different forms of diagnosis aer contained within TCM: Dialogue with the patient, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and clinical observations.

TCM is an effective method of treatment for many varied problems and illnesses, for example:

Back, neck, and joint problems, including reumatism
Migraine and stress headaches
Digestion problems, stomach catarr, diarrhea and constipation
Nerve pain, pinched nerves and associated disorders
Allergies, asthma, excema, sinus inflammation
Depression, sleep disorders, chronic fatique
Menstruation problems
Sports injuries, RSI/OOS, inflammation in joints, sinews and muscles
Eating disorders, smoking and alcohol dependance as well as many other problems.

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