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Prof. Jinbo Zong M.D.

has a complete and impressive medical education with special emphasis on TCM, from Tian Jin University in China.  With more that 30 years experience Prof. Zong has an uncanny ability to be able to treat prolonged and difficult illnesses that otherwise can't be treated using Western medicine.

Prof. Zong is also a teacher with a number of students in Sweden and in China - many of these students are now successful doctors and other health professionals.

Prof. Zong has a complete knowledge of all areas of TCM, and is himself an avid practitioner of medical Qi Gong and Chinese Wu Shu. He uses a variety of treatment methods that are both holistic and effective.  He has even been called "the miracle doctor" amongst his patients.

Prof. Zong is the current CEO for CMEDS - Kinesisk Medicin i Sverige AB.  (CMEDS - Chinese Medicine in Sweden Ltd.)

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